Ducted Central Air Conditioner – 新建筑


A ducted central air conditioner is an efficient cooling system that uses traditional ducts 和 vents throughout a home to distribute cool air.


A ducted central air conditioner cools a home by absorbing heat from the home using the indoor evaporator coil then moves the heat to the outdoor condenser coil to dissipate it.


新系统效率 激励
至少15个SEER/14.2个SEER2但低于17个SEER/16.3个SEER2和至少12个EER/11.5 EER2 $50
最少17个SEER/16.3个SEER2和至少13个EER/12.5 EER2 $150

And to save even more, you may also qualify for a federal tax credit. 参观 ENERGY STAR Tax Credits For 首页owners 点击此处了解更多信息. Please note hg8868皇冠下载 is not affiliated with these federal tax credits.


  • 激励 available only to hg8868皇冠下载 customers in Idaho.
  • Meet all requirements in the Ducted Central Air Conditioner Specification section of the Ducted Central Air Conditioner Worksheet.
  • You must be an hg8868皇冠下载 residential customer, 和 either a homeowner, builder or property owner.
  • Your home must be single-family site-built, manufactured, duplex, triplex, or fourplex.
  • Your home can be a primary residence, vacation home, or rental.
  • New system SEER/SEER2 和 EER/EER2 ratings must meet minimum rating listed.
  • 每户最多可获一项奖励.


  1. 检查 条款与条件, 激励的应用程序Ducted Central Air Conditioner Worksheet.
  2. Contact a licensed HVAC contractor 和 have the ducted central air conditioner installed.
  3. 完成 激励的应用程序 和 Ducted Central Air Conditioner Worksheet.
  4. Submit the completed forms together with a copy of the paid licensed HVAC contractor invoice 和 AHRI certificate to hg8868皇冠下载.
  5. Receive a check upon application review 和 approval.

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